How to Prevent Your Best Employees From Quitting

March 21, 2018


People are the key, who doesn’t know that? But a company’s best employees are often the ones that are most difficult to retain; because they’re the best they get more job offers than others and tend to have higher expectations from their job. What can managers do to avoid losing their core people?


If people are not feeling that they are heard inside a company, they are not feeling valued, no matter how large their payslip. Make sure that you as a boss invest your time and effort — regularly and not just in times of crises — in gathering feedback and suggestions from your key employees. Put at least some of these ideas into action and make sure you credit the people who provided them. These need not be grandiose changes; even small improvements in everyday practices based on employee suggestions can make a real difference.

Provide challenges

A good salary is not enough too keep your best employees loyal to your company — they also need to feel challenged to keep going. Provide them with opportunities to learn new skills inside your company, a chance to grow — and they might be less tempted by your competitors.

Make it fun

One of your responsibilities as a boss is to make sure your employees actually enjoy going to work. The well-being of key employees is directly connected with their performance, and ultimately, with your company’s results. Don’t leave the office culture to look after itself, invest in it. Make sure that you choose team-building instruments that work for your particular employees and suit the character of your company. For some, it could be simple lunchtime picnics in the park, for others — a survival hike in the mountains (be sure not to get carried away with this one, though).

Make it meaningful

According to HR research, a sense of purpose is often mentioned as one of the most important motivations for, especially among younger employees, like Millennials. It’s easy for employees to lose meaning in the stream of everyday tasks, so a good boss needs to remind them about the vision of the company, and give people a sense of perspective. It’s very important to deliver these messages not in a formal way, but so that it speaks to them personally.

Analyse yourself

It is often said that people don’t quit companies, they quit bosses. What is certainly true is that personal relations are of utmost importance. That is why analyzing your own — unproductive or possibly toxic — behaviors as a manager or CEO and learning how to improve them is key to retaining people that are most valuable to your company.


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