The Five Most Accessible Careers in the Renewable Energy Sector

November 22, 2017


For a world population increasingly challenged by climate change and facing the imminent exhaustion of fossil fuels, the shift to clean energy appears to be a decisive stake, and not just a utopian fantasy. Since the beginning of this century, the use of renewables has grown exponentially and the sector now employs more than 10 million people worldwide. Most renewable energy capacity is generated by emerging economies, with China leading the charge for almost 10 years now. So, if you are looking for a job that is not only well-paid, but also making an effective contribution to the future of the planet, think about the career opportunities offered by these fields.

Green transportation

With more and more eco-friendly cars being produced each year, sustainable transportation is a fast-growing industry with extremely high innovation potential. Think of how biofuels are revolutionizing transportation. Professionals in research and development, as well as technology implementation are very welcome here, so if you have a background in engineering or the natural sciences, why not give it a try?

Wind power

Power is the fastest-growing field in the renewables sector, and global wind power capacity is expected to reach a stunning 500 gigawatts by the end of 2017. It’s no wonder that in the US, the job of wind turbine technician has been the fastest-growing occupation since 2015. Fabrication, installation, maintenance — there are plenty of ways to find your place in this industry.

Solar power

Solar panels have long ceased to be a niche product and are now almost twice as affordable as they were ten years ago, so looking for a job related to solar photovoltaics seems like a timely idea. Naturally enough, faster growth will take place in sunnier parts of the world as solar panels only produce 10­ – 25% of their capacity in cloudy weather. Prior experience in construction and mechanics will give you a good start in this industry.

Sustainable construction

The building industry is becoming increasingly focused on sustainability, with energy efficiency skills now an integral part of most roles in the construction sector. Whether you’re an architect, an engineer, a carpenter or a bricklayer, look for the best sustainable practices in your profession to secure your competitive edge in the years to come.

Renewable energy management

The growth of each industry is largely dependent on the ability of its leadership to set viable goals and see their teams reach those. As a consequence, in a booming industry strong managers will always be in high demand. With more and more governments recognizing renewable energy as a priority, competition is becoming fiercer for both state commissions and state policy-influenced private demand. All of the major forecasts are clear: you won’t get bored running renewable energy enterprises in the coming decades.


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